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Orange Blossom Special

These recordings are long overdue as its been about ten years since I released the 'Solely Steel' Steel Guitar instrumental CD. This 'Orange Blossom Special' album is a collection of 12 instrumental tracks played by myself on the new 'Rains' Pedal Steel Guitar. I am very proud of this album as it features my good friend 'John Stannard' on Lead Guitar.  You'll hear him pickin' on Highway 40 Blues,  Stealin' Corn and Wichita Linemen.  John has also arranged and recorded some of these backing tracks for me too.  Many thanks to you John. Enjoy the music.

Tracks:- 1/ Orange Blossom Special. 2/ Highway 40 Blues. 3/ Just Between You And Me. 4/ One More For The Road.  5/ Buckaroo & Loves Gonna Live Here. 6/ In Between Dances. 7/ Stealin' Corn. 8/ Wichita Linemen. 9/ Bye Bye Love. 10/ Third Rate Romance. 11/ Hey Good Lookin. 12/ Angels.

CD also available from iTunes and CD Baby.


Arkansas Traveller

This instrumental CD includes a few more of my pedal steel instrumental tracks heard and broadcast on You Tube during 2007. There's also some new ones not yet broadcasted. One of them is a track called Old Cow Hand. The backing for this instrumental was recorded by Stuart Payne from Gorleston, Norfolk, UK. He produces some of the finest backing tracks you'll ever hear. I have the pleasure in adding steel to some of his tracks on occasions when required. My sincere thanks go to him and to Wes Cardy too, one of the UK's finest singer/songwriters, as it was a track Stuart produced for him only, but Wes has kindly let me use it on this album. There's a bonus track of myself and John Stannard too called Heartbroke.  I must thank Kay White too as every time she comes back home from university, I get her over here recording and editing the You Tube videos.  All the videos broadcasted are done with a single camcorder so there's a lot of editing work done by her. She also sketched the bar and picks picture on the back of this CD. Well that's about it, I hope you enjoy the CD.

Tracks:- 1/ The Blame. 2/ Arkansas Traveller. 3/ Ballad Of Jed Clampet. 4/ Old Cow Hand. 5/ I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried. 6/ Cold Cold Heart. 7/ Cottage In The Country. 8/ Together Again. 9/ Do I Do It To You Too. 10/ Kiss An Angel Goodmorning. 11/ Heartbroke (with John Stannard).


Once A Day

This CD includes a 19 more of my pedal steel instrumental tracks heard and broadcast on You Tube during 2007/2008. I must thank you all for watching my broadcasts as in just 1 year I have had over 500,000 views.  All these tracks feature the 'Hartley' Rains steel guitar which is now available as a signature model being made to order by Gary Carpenter TX.  This is a great honour for me to have this instrument manufactured with my specifications.  Steel guitarists around the world have been watching me perform these over the last few months and I really must thank you all for your comments.  Music has always been a very important part of my life although I have only had 2 years playing professional in my younger days.  I think the highlight of my steel playing career was when I was kindly offered a spot on the main stage at the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree in March 2008.  You all made me very welcome there and I look forward to visiting Texas again in 2009 and playing a few tunes for you all again.  I never rehearse these recordings, I put on a track, play along and record it.  If you ever see me live, you will hear that I never play the instrumental the same twice. Thanks to Kay White for talking the cover photo at the Brittville Country Music Festival, Littleport, UK.  Enjoy the music!

Tracks:- 1/   Once A Day,  2/   Hinges On The Door,  3/   If  You Were Me,  4/   Walking After Midnight,  5/   Dirty Little Town,  6/   Crying Time,  7/   98.6 Degrees And Falling,  8/   Truck Driving Man,  9/   Grand Tour,  10/  When You Say Nothing At All,  11/  Coal Miners Daughter,  12/  (Thinking About) Things,  13/  Meat And Potato Man,  14/  www. Memory,  15/  I Fall To Pieces,  16/  Send Me The Pillow,  17/  I Fell In Love,  18/  Save The Last Dance For Me,  19/  Pick Me Up On Your way Down.

CD also available from iTunes and CD Baby.


Amarillo By Morning

A 11 track instrumental CD by David Hartley & John Stannard.

Well, it's only taken 40 something years for us to sit down in a studio and get this thing done !! ... we hope you think it has been well worth the wait.  We have played those 40 something years playing on the same musical circuit and never lived more than a few miles from each other yet have hardly ever had the chance to talk to each other let alone work together on the same project at the same time.
We finally got to play together in the band 'Stealin Corn' and since then have devoted some time to sitting down, working out and playing our favourite style of music, honest to goodness, traditional sounding country music. We enjoy the fun of doing it and thanks to the internet have found a whole bunch of other folks who seem to like the same kind of thing, we hope you hear some of that enjoyment on these tracks.
So ...... turn on the Hi-Fi, insert the CD, put on your cowboy boots, turn up the volume and enjoy yourself !For the technically minded types among you: Dave plays a Rains 'Hartley SD-10' model steel guitar via a Mark Dunn Steel Mixer and John plays a Telecaster ! !, .............. that's it ! !

Tracks:- 1/  Amarillo By Morning,  2/  Coalminers Daughter,  3/  Cajun Fiddle,  4/  That's The Way Love Goes,  5/  Making Believe,  6/  Steel Guitar Rag,  7/  There Stands The Glass,  8/  Last Date,  9/  Ring Of Fire,  10/  Highway 40 Blues,  11/  Stealin' Corn.


Country Boy

Here's a selection of pedal steel guitar instrumentals recorded during 2011-2012.

Tracks:-  1/  Cotton Eye Joe, 2/  Farewell Party, 3/  Country Boy, 4/  Faded Love, 5/  Midnight Silence, 6/  Good Girls Gonna Go Bad, 7/  My Way, 8/  Something Stupid,  9/  Sweet Memories, 10/  There Goes My Everything.


Steel Guitar Instrumentals

This is a self produced CD of myself playing the Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitar. I have chosen to do instrumentals of popular songs from all walks of life. This is my first instrumental CD which includes all the tracks from my earlier cassette called 'Solely Steel'. I hope you have as much pleasure in listening to it as I did in the making of it. Thanks Val and Keith for the fine photos taken at Woolpit Village Hall. Thanks  to Don Carroll, Texas, for the permission to use all of his fine backing on this album. He is one of the finest midi-file composers I have ever heard. All profits from this CD are donated to local UK charities.

Tracks:- 1/ You've lost that lovin' feelin'. 2/ Candle in the wind. 3/ Cannibals. 4/ He'll have to go. 5/ Dr. Zhivago ( Somewhere my love ). 6/ Anglers. 7/ Green green grass of home. 8/ Stand by your man. 9/ There goes my everything. 10/ I fall to pieces. 11/ I can see clearly now. 12/Hey Jude.


The 'Live' Sessions

These instrumentals are all recorded 'live' directly to a 2 track recorder in the few sessions John Stannard and myself got together during 2011.

Tracks:- 1/  Heaven Every Day,  2/  A11,  3/  Beneath Still Waters, 4/  It's Such a Pretty World Today, 5/  I Love You Because, 6/  Ring Of Fire,  7/ Amarillo By Morning, 8/  Pure Love, 9/  Just One Time, 10/  Orange Blossom Special, 11/   Stateside. 



Here's a compilation of recent recordings from 2009/2010, some of which have been featured on youtube, others that have been completed with the great John Stannard on lead guitar, but never broadcast.  I am hoping he will join me in 2011 to visit the Steel Guitar Jamboree in Dallas so you can all meet him and hear his great playing. Photos by Bob Adams.

Tracks:-  1/ Angels. 2/ San Antonio Rose. 3/ Fool Such As I. 4/ Grandma's Feather Bed. 5/ Mansion On The Hill. 6/ Ashes Of Love. 7/ Every Little Thing. 8/ Half Enough. 9/ You're Still The One. 10/ Abide With Me





Playing Merle Haggard

This CD realesed March 2010, has 10 great Merle Haggard favorites played by David Hartley and Mark Dunn.  I have only got to know Mark in the last few months.  I always knew there was a good young player living in my region.  In recent weeks, we have both attended some steel guitar meetings and I have got to hear his playing a few times now.  It's been a pleasure making a few recordings with Mark, his C6th work is very impressive and with myself collecting a new D-10 Rains from  the Dallas T.S.G.A jamboree in March 2010, I know that I will be asking his help with the lower neck.  Thank you so much Mark.  We will have to get together again in the future to make some more recordings.  Mark has always had his career in electronics and has, after 3 years of testing and developing, produced, an outstanding Steel Guitar Mixer which we both use at our live performances, and indeed on some of these recordings too. Check them out at

Tracks:- 1/ Okie From Muskogee. 2/ Lonesome Fugitive. 3/ Sing Me Back Home. 4/ Ramblin' Fever. 5/ Today I Started Loving You Again. 6/ Silver Wings. 7/ Swinging Doors. 8/ That's The Way Love Goes. 9/ The Bottle Let Me Down. 10/ Workin' Man Blues.


Playing Merle Haggard. TRACKS CD



Silver Ace CD. (re-mastered from their 1982 album)

This Silver Ace CD has been digitally re-mastered from the original multi-track master tape from 1982.  This was one of the most successful bands in the East of England during the late 1970's/80's.  This Album was only ever available on cassette, and now, after many hours of work, is available here on CD.  Band member were:- Ryan Allum (lead vocals), John Pettitt (bass guitar and vocals), David Hartley (steel guitar and vocals), Pete Manning (percussion and vocals), Ray Hale (fiddle), Brian Hartley (piano).

Tracks are as Follows:- 1/ If this is just a game. 2/ Sugar Daddy. 3/ She's Mine. 4/ Crazy Arms. 5/ Some days are Diamonds. 6/ Cherokee Swing. 7/ Going back to Texas 8/ I can almost see Houston from here. 9/ Is this all there is to a Honky Tonk. 10/ Stranger in the house. 11/ I'll go on loving you. 12/ Orange Blossom Special.



10 original spiritual songs. This CD features John singing his own songs, acoustic guitar and pedal steel only.

John Russell.  All these songs were written many years ago, when I was between 13-30 years old. They were each written in minutes, totally inspired by influence of the written word and experiences of life.  The purpose of this CD is that, through the words of the songs, many may find comfort and maybe answers to questions, that the songs may provoke contemplation.  Thanks go to my friend David Hartley, who recorded and produced this CD in its entirety. David has influenced many other musicians by the pure genius in playing the Pedal Steel Guitar.

Original Songs and their meanings

Another Car Goes By. (Memories of a Childhood Tragedy)
Eli Eli (Depicts the Agony of the Crucifixion)    
John The Baptist (The Story Of "The Voice In The Wilderness") 
The Old Man (Children's Entertainer)    
Walk On Walk Away (Tells The Story Of The Road to Emmaus)
Come And Walk With Me (Song Of Faith)    
Go Into The World (The Disciples Instruction)   
The Man The Hammer (Don't be too quick to blame others) 
Thro The Eyes Of A Child (The Story Of The Crucifixion as Told By A Child)
Who Am I (Maybe another way of looking at throwing stones)



Lifetime of Tracks.

Data (DVD) disc containing 297 of David Hartley's own backings tracks. (mp3 files).

Tracks are as follows:-

57 Chevrolet. Key A.
98.6 Degrees And Falling. Key E to F.
A Penny For Your Thoughts. Key A.
A Picture Of Me. Key A to Bb.
Achey Breaky Heart. Key G.
Alice. Key F.
Always. Key C.
Any Man Of Mine. Key Ab to Bb.
Apartment Number 9. Key F.
Arkansas Traveller. Key G.
Ashes Of Love. Key B.
Ashes Of Love. Key B.V2.
Ashes Of Love. Key G.
Auld Langs Synne. Key C.
Baby I Lied. Key A.
Baby I Lied. Key Bb
Baby Likes To Rock It. Key F.
Baby Of Mine. Key G#.
Back In Your Arms. Key A.
Back In Your Arms. Key Bb.
Ballad Of Jed Clampet. Key G.
Beautiful Sunday. Key D.
Blanket On The Ground. Key A.
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain. Key A.
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain. Key D.
Buck Owens Medley. Key C to D.
Buckaroo - My Heart Skips. D to A.
Buckaroo Medley. (raw Track). Key D to A
Buckaroo Medley. Key D to A.
Buckaroo Medley. Key Eb to C#.
Cajun Moon. Key A to B.
Chattahoochi. Key C.
Coalminers Daughter. Key C.
Coat Of Many Colours. Key Ab.
Cold Cold Heart. Key Eb.
Cottage In The Country. Key C.
Cottage In The Country. Key D.
Cottage In The Country. Key E.
Crazy. Key A to Bb.
Cry Cry Cry. Key Bb
Crying Time. Key A.
Crying Time. Key D to E.
Crying Time. Key G.
Crystal Chandaliers. Key C.
Dirty Little Town. Key A
Dirty Little Town. Key B.
Do I Do It To You. Key A.
Do I Do It To You. Key F#.
Do I Do It To You. Key G.
Dont Come Crying To Me. Key A.
Dont Stop. Key Ab.
Dont Stop. Key E.
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. Key C.
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. Key D.
Every Little Thing. (J 200). Key A to B.
Every Little Thing. Key A to B.
Every Little Thing. Key Bb to C.
Every Little Thing. Key G to A.
Every Second. Key Bb.
Fall In Love Again. Key A.
Fall In Love Again. Key F.
Fall In Love Again. Key G.
Feeling Kinda Lonely. Key B.
Feeling Kinda Lonely. Key C.
Find Out Whats Happening. Key A.
Fool Such As I. Key F#.
Fool Such As I. Key G.
Free Of The Blues. Key B.
From This Moment. Key G to A.
Give Me A Ring. Key A.
Good Old Boy. Key F# to G.
Good Old Boy. Key G.
Good Old Boy. Key G# to A.
Grand Tour. Key G# to A.
Grandfather Clock. Key G.
Grandma's Feather Bed. Key A.
Half Enough. Key A.
Hands You're Holding. Key A.
Happy Birthday. Key E.
Hard To Be Humble. Key G.
Heart Over Mind. Key E.
Heavens Just A Sin Away. Key E.
Hello Mary Lou. Key A.
Highway 40 Blues. Key E..mp3
Highway 40 Blues. Mix 2. Key E..mp3
Highway 40 Blues. RAW TRK. Key E..mp3
Hillbilly Rock. Key Bb to C.
Hinges On The Door. Key C.
Hinges On The Door.V2. Key C.
Honey I'm Home. Key Eb.
Honky Tonk Moon. Key B
Honky Tonk Moon. Key C.
I Aint Through Lovin. Key G to A.
I Close My Eyes. Key G.
I Couldn't Leave You. Key F
I Couldn't Leave You. Key G.
I Fall To Pieces. Key C.
I Fall To Pieces. Key G.
I Fell In Love. Key F.
I Fell In Love. Key G.
I Love You Cos I Want To. Key D.
I Love You Cos I Want To. Key E.
I Need You. Key D.
I Only Meant To Borrow. Key A.
I Walk The Floor. Key Bb.
I Wish That I Could Fall In Love. Key G#.
If I Could Only Win Your Love. Key B.
If You Love Me Half As Much. Key Ab.
If You Love Me Half As Much. Key Bb.
If You Really Want. Key B.
If You Really Want. Key G#.
If You Were Me.  Key G.
In My Dreams. Key G.
Inbetween Dances. Key A.
Inbetween Dances. Key Bb.
Inbetween Dances. Key C.
It Doesn't Matter Anymore. Key C.
It's Alright To Be A Redneck. Key D.
I've Forgot More. Key B.
Jambalaya. Key G.
Jambalaya.(raw track). Key G.
Just As Long As You Love Me. Key C.
Just As Long As You Love Me. Key D.
Just Between You And Me. Key E.
Just Between You And Me. Key Eb.
Just Between You And Me. Key F.
King Of The Road. Key C.
Kiss An Angel Goodmorning. Key A.
Knees Up Mother Brown. Key G.
Last Cheaters Waltz. Key A.
Little Bitty. Key B.
Little Old Wine Drinker Me. Key G to A.
Little Tears. Key A.
Little Tears. Key B.
Little Tears. Key C.
Little Things. Key B.
Living On Love. Key A.
Living On Love.(raw track). Key A.
Lonesome Fugitive. Key F.
Lonesome Me. Key B.
Lonesome Me. Key G.
Look At Us. Key G to G#.
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good. Key B.
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good. Key G.
Love Cant Ever Get Better Than This. Key Bb.
Love Cant Ever Get Better Than This. Key C.
Love Letters. Key G#.
Lucille. Key Bb to C.
Mansion On The Hill. Key C.
Margaritaville. Key D.
Meat And Potato Man. Key C.
Mercury Blues. Key D.
Mivi Doh Loca. Key F# to G#.
Money Honey. Key C to D.
Mr. Record Man. Key A.
Mr. Record Man. Key Ab
Mr. Record Man. Key B.
My Heart Skips A Beat. Key A.
My Shoes Keep Walking. Key A.
My Shoes Keep Walking. Key C.
My Shoes Keep Walking. Key D.
My Shoes Keep Walking. Key E.
Neon Blue. Key A.
Never Be Anyone Else. Key Bb.
No One Needs To Know. Key Bb.
No Way Out. Key Bb
Now That You See Me. Key C.
Okie Cokie. Key F.
Okie From Muskogee. Key D.
Okie From Muskogee.(raw track). Key D.
Once A Day. Key E.
One More For The Road. Key E.
One Of Those Nights. Key G#.
Orange Blossom Special. Key E-A
Out Of Reach. Key Bb.
Out Of Reach. Key C.
Out Of Your Shoes. Key F.
Paper Roses. Key E to F.
Pass Me By. Key D.
Pass Me By. Key E.
Pass Me By. Key Eb.
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down.  Key C.
Please Help Me. Key A.
Please Help Me. Key B.
Poor Boy Blues. Key Bb.
Rocky Top. Key A.
Rocky Top. Key G.
Rocky Top.(raw track). Key A.
Running Kind. Key G.
San Antone Rose. Key A.
San Antonio Rose. PLUS LEAD GUITAR. Key A.
Satin Sheets. Key C.
Save The Last Dance. Key C.
Second Fiddle. Key G.
Second Fiddle. Key G#.
Secret Love. Key F.
Send Me The Pillow. Key A.
Send Me The Pillow. Key F.
Send Me The Pillow. Key F#
Send Me The Pillow. Key G.
Sensuous Woman. Key D.
Shake The Sugar Tree. Key Eb.
Shake The Sugar Tree. Key F.
She's Got You. Key G.
Silent Night. Key F.
Sing Me Back Home. Key F.
Sing Me Back Home. Key G.
Sing Me Back Home.(raw track). Key G.
Singing The Blues. Key A.
Something Already Gone. Key E.
Something Already Gone. Key F.
Something Already Gone. Key G.
Something In Red. Key A.
Somewhere Tonight. Key A.
Stealin Corn. Key G to G#..mp3
Stealin Corn. RAW TRK Key G to G#..mp3
Still Got A Crush On You. Key Bb.
Still The One. Key C#.
Still The One. Key D.
Suds In The Bucket. Key Bb.
Sweet Dreams. Key F#.
Take This Job And Shove It. Key F.
Tall Tall Trees. Key F.
Tear Becomes A Rose. Key G#.
Tell Me I'm Crazy. Key D to E.
Tender When I Want To Be. Key F.
Tender When I Want To Be. Key G.
Tennessee Flat-top. Key A.
Tennessee Flat-top. Key Bb.
Tennessee Flat-top. V2.Key Bb.
Tennessee Rose. Key Bb.
Tennessee Rose. Key C#.
Thats What I Like. Key C.
Thats What I Like. Key C#.
The Blame. Key Bb
There Goes My Heart. Key F#.
They'll Never Be Anyone Else. Key B.
They'll Never Be Anyone Else. Key Bb.
Things. Key D.
This Is Me Missing You. Key Ab.
This Is Me Missing You. Key Eb.
This Time. Key C#.
Till Each Tear Becomes A Rose. Key F#.
Till Each Tear Becomes A Rose. Key G.
Till I Was Loved By You. Key C.
Till I Was Loved By You. Key D.
To Know Him. Key B.
To Know Him. Key C.
Today I Started Loving. Key C#.
Today I Started Loving. Key D.
Today I Started Loving. Key E.
Together Again. Key E to F#.
Tonight The Heartaches. Key E.
Top Of The World. Key Bb.
Tricky Moon. Key G.
Tricky Moon.v2 Key G.
Truck Driving Man. Key D.
Twist And Shout.V2. Key A.
Umbrella Song. Key D.
Unbreakable Heart. Key B.
Unbreakable Heart. Key C.
Under Your Spell Again. Key A.
Walking After Midnight. Key Bb.
Walking After Midnight. Key C.
Waltz Across Texas. Key D.
Welcome To My World. Key C.
What Do You Say. Key G#.
What Else Can I Do. Key C.
What Else Can I Do. Key C#.
What Else Can I Do. V2. Key C#
What Else Could I Do. Key C#.
What Else Could I Do. Key D.
What Else Could I Do. Key F.
Whatever Way The Wind Blows. Key A.
Whatever Way The Wind Blows. Key B.
When You Say Nothing At All. Key B.
When You Say Nothing At All. Key Eb.
Where My Gonna Live. Key E.
Where My Gonna Live V2. Key E.
White Christmas. Key B.
White Christmas. Key F#.
Whos Bed Have Your Boots. Key A.
Who's She To You. Key A.
Who's She To You. Key G.
Wild At Heart. Key G#.
Wild Side Of Life. Key E.
Wildwood Flower. Key G.
Wildwood Rose. Key B.
Will You Still Love Me. Key C.
Wishing On Someone Elses Star. Key F#.
Wishing On Someone Elses Star. Key G.
Wrong Side Of Love. Key A.
Wrong Side Of Love. Key B.
www. Memory. Key F.
Young Love. Key A.
Your Cheating Heart. Key E.
Your Cheating Heart. Key G.


Lifetime 2011 Additions

Data (CD) disc containing 42 of David Hartley's latest backings tracks. (mp3 files).

Tracks are as follows:-

Almost Persuaded. Key Bb to C
Amarillo by Morning. Key D to E
Cajun Fiddle. Key A.
Cajun Fiddle EXT. Key A
Coalminers Daughter. Key C
Crazy Arms. Key A.
Crazy Arms. Key B.
Crazy Arms. Key E.
Day Dreams. Key G to A.
Farewell Party. Key E to F#
Farewell Party WITH PB. Key E to F#
Good Girls Gonna Go Bad. Key F
I Fall To Pieces EXT. Key G
I Love you Because. Key C
I Love You Because EXT. Key C.
Just One Time. Key D.
Last Date. Key C
Make The World Go Away. Key E.
Making Believe. Key F
Midnight Silence. Key G.
Orange Blossom Spec. EXT
Ring of Fire. Key D.
Silver Wings. Key Bb
Sleepwalk. KEY C
Slide Off Your Satin Sheets. Key A
Steel Guitar Rag. Key E to C
Swinging Doors. Key G
Thats The Way Love Goes. Key D
Thats The Way Love Goes ND. Key Eb
There Goes My Everything. Key C.
There Goes My Everything. Key F.
There Goes My Everything NP. Key C
There Stands The Glass. Key C
Together Again EXT. Key E to F#
Together Again JS. Key E to F#
Welcome to my World JS. Key C
Will The Circle Be Unbroken. Key D
Wine Me Up. Key C.
Wine Me Up JS Key G
Wine Me Up JSv2 Key G
Yolanda. Key D
You Aint Woman Enough. Key F


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